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Incorporating the Archaeology Aesthetic into Fashion

I'm not sure why I'm so drawn to the aesthetic of academia, but it's undeniably part of who I am. 

To be specific, I like the subtle aesthetic of archaeology. It could also be referred to as light academia. I have several Pinterest boards dedicated to this aesthetic, and in this post I will be sharing ways to incorporate it into your life, through fashion!

The first major component of aesthetic archaeology fashion are button ups. Both patterned and plain look amazing and give me strong "hot archaeology professor" vibes. 

An example of a patterned button up:

(via @femmeduart on Twitter)

An example of a plain button up:

(via Pinterest)

As for pants: neutral, solid colors are perfect. Khaki pants are my personal choice, but black pants as shown above work as well. Shorts will fit this aesthetic as well; don't forget that many archaeology expeditions take place in very hot & dry climates.

Here's an example of an outfit with shorts!

A camisa é um dos itens mais versáteis do guarda roupa de qualquer amante da moda. E, quando as temperaturas sobem, a peça ganha versões mais fresquinhas e levinhas, perfeitas pra encarar o calor. Selecionamos algumas delas que já caíram na graça das fashionistas por aí pra você roubar já e passar o verão tranquila e estilosa. Corre pro link da bio pra encontrar a sua ❤ #SummerComeback
(via Pinterest)

This specific type of shorts are called "pleated mom shorts, if you're searching for them! Etsy has some beautiful ones for sale. 

Another popular piece in academic-style fashion is- you guessed it- a turtleneck sweater. 

korean k fashion aesthetic outfits minimal minimalist minimalistic soft 90s kfashion ulzzang girl 얼짱 casual clothes grunge tops shirts tees tshirts jumpers sweaters sweatshirts mum jeans mom boyfriend skirt jackets shoes trainers sneakers beret hat beanie bucket sunglasses cute kawaii comfy formal everyday street spring summer autumn winter g e o r g i a n a : a t t i r e
(via Pinterest)

Again, the classic neutral colored pants come into play! This outfit is a perfect warmer option to the breezy, summer style alternatives.

The final piece I will be including is a leather backpack! Any leather messenger bag, satchel, or backpack perfectly fits the archaeology vibe and will add a ton to any outfit. They're fashionable while providing storage.

(via Etsy)

Best of luck to you on incorporating the archaeology professor aesthetic into your wardrobe!


  1. hi, this was super cute and helpful. I hope you post more about this aesthetic and include movie characters or real life archaeologists who can be used as an inspiration <3


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